Treatments offered -

Full Tattoo Removal

Partial Tattoo Removal (for a more successful cover up tattoo)

Red and White Stretch Mark Removal

Wrinkle Removal

Skin Rejuvenation

Spider Vein Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Hair Reduction





What is Nd:Yag laser treatment?


This is a laser treatment that is used for removing dark marks in the skin such as birth marks or tattoos, skin rejuvenation and hiar reduction.

Varying wavelengths can be used for treatment, the most appropriate one for you is chosen based on your skin condition. Long wavelength is used for deep pigment problems, for example tattoos, and short wave length is used for superficial pigment problems, for example dark birth marks.





What happens during treatment?


In your initial consultation we will discuss how many treatments are likely based on the treatment required, your skin type, age, area to be treated, and what the cost will be.

You will fill in a consent form and any medical conditions discussed.

For hair reduction you will need at least 2mm of hair growth but for other treatments eg tattoo removal hair may be shaved off any areas to be treated.

Eye protection is provided and must be worn to protect your eyes.

When the laser is applied to the affected area, quick flashes of bright light may be seen during treatment.

Once finished a dressing and Vaseline will be applied after treatment.

Depending on the treatment and the size of the area each session is a relatively quick process.





What are the benefits of having Nd:Yag laser treatment?


The Nd:Yag laser is able to remove tattoos, stretch marks, wrinkles, spider veins, skin tags and hair reduction over a number of treatments with little risk of changing the skin’s texture, pigmentation or scarring of the skin.





What are the risks?


If the long wavelength is used for deep pigment problems, immediate reddening occurs at the treatment sites and fades over 24-48 hours.

If the short wavelength is used for superficial pigment problems, the treated area may be bruised for 10-14 days. Crusting and/or slight bleeding may occur.

There may be swelling of the treated skin for two to three days.

There is a very low risk (less than 5%) of changes in skin colour after the treatment, either slightly darker or lighter.

Your skin will be sensitive to the suns rays after treatment so we advise to use a Factor 30 sun cream directly after treatments and for up to a year after.

Sometimes a scab may form on the treated area. If a scab forms, it is important not to pick it as picking a scab may leave a scar and may lead to an infection.

There is a slight risk of infection, but this is very rare. Infection is most likely to happen if scabs form in the treated areas.

We will not to provide laser treatment during pregnancy, therefore please let us know if you are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy.





How can I prepare for Nd:Yag Laser treatment?


There is no specific preparation for your treatment but some patients like to book some annual leave from work after having the treatment, as bruising may be present.





Will I feel any pain?


There can be a slight stinging sensation during treatment but this quickly fades once the treatment has finished.

For pain relief paracetamol is fine to take but avoid taking any medicines containing aspirin for five days after the laser treatment, as it increases the risk of bruising. If however you are prescribed aspirin by your doctor, please continue with this as normal.





What happens after laser Nd:Yag treatment?


Bruising usually occurs at the treatment site and may worsen over 48 hours before fading after a week. Immediately after the treatment, Vaseline will be applied and the area dressed. You will be able to return home as soon as the treatment is complete.





What do I need to do after I go home?


You will be given a full post treatment guide. Any queries or concerns contact the studio.

There may be swelling of treated skin for a few days.  To help reduce swelling, apply an ice pack for two to three minutes every quarter of an hour.

You can shower and bathe the treated area as normal but you should pat the skin dry. Try to avoid shaving in and around the lesion until any bruising has faded.

Use a greasy moisturiser (such as Vaseline) on the treated area at least twice daily, as it is soothing and stops scabbing and crusting occurring.

Use an antiseptic cream (for example Savlon®) on the treated area if crusting occurs, to reduce the risk of infection. Continue to moisturise in between applications of the antiseptic cream.

Avoid using any makeup on the lesion for five days after the treatment, as applying or removing it may damage the skin, which is very fragile during this time.

Avoid sports involving physical contact, until any bruising has faded.





Will I have a follow-up appointment?


Not everyone will need a follow up appointment, but if it is necessary, you will be given a date before you leave.

Successive treatments are usually six weeks apart to allow your skin to recover.


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